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Millions of  disposable plastic produce bags are put in the trash every day causing a growing environmental problem. Cocooon is a reusable alternative that helps make an impact towards reducing waste.



Cocooon is made with a material that is 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can be recycled for reuse in a number of other products. All the scrap fabric created in production is recycled and we also offer a recycle program.



Veggies aren’t always delicate and you might not be either. Cocooon is tough enough to resist stalks and stems from rips, holes, or abrasion.



Carry a lot in a bag light as silk. Weighing under an ounce, Cocooon won’t tip the scales when you go to checkout.



Non-toxic and meets FDA food contact safety requirements. Made from a food-grade plastic used to make milk jugs and other food containers that is BPA free.



It’s only natural when what comes fresh from the earth gets things a little soiled. Cocooon can be washed by hand or machine to get the dirt out. Hang dry only.



Water-vapor can pass through the non-woven flash-spun material providing better moisture control that helps keep produce crisp and help prevent the growth of microorganisms.



Creates a barrier that prevents liquids from entering and creating soggy messes.